Services & Fees


  • Skilled, technical positions in Data Science, Software Engineering, Product Design, UX Research
  • Diversity recruiting for women and other under-represented minorities, including aspiring developers without traditional engineering or computer science training
  • Tailored advice for international students or immigrants on how to navigate the cultural roadblocks during job search

Individual Services:

  • Resume writing and formatting that appeal to recruiters and employers
  • Job search strategy for your background, including education, work history, & skills
  • Interview preparation for target role and/or industry


  • For customized job search assistance, you’ll receive a free 15-minute consultation call. If you find the conversation helpful, let’s work together to get you the job!
    • Entry to junior-level  (0-2 years of experience): $50/hour
    • Experienced (3-7 years of experience): $60/hour
    • Pros (7+ years of experience): $75/hour

Group/Company Services:

  • Career advising or resume editing at job fairs or career expos or student clubs
  • Internship or job readiness workshop in partnership with Career Services and/or International Student Services at bootcamps, colleges, and universities
  • Freelance writing on topics ranging from recruiting to job hunting
  • Please contact me for partnership opportunities and speaking fees

Email me for appointments or general inquiries: arielinwen at gmail dot com

Book a 15-minute intro call with me:


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