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Modern Wage Slavery: Unpaid Internships

Unpaid internship is sadly an accepted form of employment in the US. Younger generations are paying a lot more for career preparation than ever before. "U.S. companies have been cutting money for training programs for decades, expecting schools and workers to pick up the slack." College students have to pay for school, training, and internships.… Continue reading Modern Wage Slavery: Unpaid Internships

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The One Thing That Helps Your Business Last

Integrity. Innovation. Excellence. Respect. Diversity. Teamwork. Customers. Wait...what other buzzwords did I miss? Of course you can try those espoused values that everyone else uses and wait to see if they work for you. Or, you can be humble. Humbleness is truly an underrated and misunderstood quality. Being humble doesn't mean you're selling yourself short.… Continue reading The One Thing That Helps Your Business Last