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Interview Hack: Don’t Be Insecure

Interviewing sucks. The interviewers and screening methods aren't always objective. You have less than one hour to impress a stranger while being judged by them. There is only so much you can do as a candidate during the interview process. Good news is that if you got a call scheduled, you've passed the first test. You've… Continue reading Interview Hack: Don’t Be Insecure

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Sing Your Way To A New Job

As a recruiter, I've read thousands of resumes, interviewed hundreds of candidates, and witnessed a few common job search mistakes. What could possibly be better to ring in the new year than singing along with me and learn how to increase your chance in upgrading your career in 2017? ♥ Call Me Maybe ♥ Hey, I just read… Continue reading Sing Your Way To A New Job

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Try Knitting While You Wait

Nobody probably told you this before- one of the biggest pet peeves HR and recruiters have is candidate showing up too early for his/her time. We really hate it when you show up too early. How early should you show up for your interview? While interviewers expect you to be on time, we don't want… Continue reading Try Knitting While You Wait

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Infographic: Ace Your Candidate Experience With Interactive Recruiting

In a world of talent shortage, passive candidates and LinkedIn inMails with low response rate, it is obvious that we are in a candidate-drive market. However, many employers are slow to adapt to the trend. For example, many HR & recruiting professionals don't track any meaningful data beyond the old-school recruiting metrics such as time to… Continue reading Infographic: Ace Your Candidate Experience With Interactive Recruiting

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When Recruiters Go Bad

Yes, I’m a recruiter and I’m going to talk about those recruiters who give us a bad rap. Why? Because I love recruiting and it hurts me to continue seeing those who ruin the experience for all. Being a recruiter is fun because we have the power to make someone’s dream come true (or at least… Continue reading When Recruiters Go Bad