What could be next for me after Netflix?

Hi! This post’s target reader is a hiring manager and/or recruiter who is interested in me as a potential candidate for your team/company/role.

  • Big Tech => I’m happy at Netflix. Not interested in exploring any recruitment roles in America (sourcer, researcher, recruiter, diversity/recruitment program manager, FTE and/or contract). The only exception is you’re looking to hire in Taiwan and you are open to relocating me to support your APAC recruitment efforts. I have family in Taiwan and I would welcome the opportunities to spend more time with them and become an HR/recruiting practitioner in Asia. Note that my degrees and professional experience are based in the United States and I have limited knowledge about talent acquisition in APAC. I do speak Mandarin Chinese fluently; I am not open to moving to Singapore, Korea, Japan, China or Thailand.
  • Startup => I’m interested in blockchain technologies in HR, recruiting, and/or organizational development. I would participate as a Product Manager, Program Manager, Client Relations/Sales Manager, User Researcher, or Head of Recruitment/People.
  • Non-profit => I’m interested in labor economics and applied data science in talent acquisition, development, and retention. I’m particular interested in coming up with actionable solutions on the local/city/state-level policy and programs based on the overall infrastructure (education, employers, employment/immigration laws) and labor statistics (skills demand/supply, industry trends, compensation). I am unsure what types of roles are available at the local/city/state-level as I imagine this topic only interests the federal government or few academic institutions (maybe post-doc researchers) and it’s probably not well-funded.
  • Ad hoc Collaboration => I’m interested in speaking engagements at job fairs/career preps for new grads from college/coding bootcamp; sharing my opinions or experience at podcasts/webinars on technical recruitment/diversity & inclusion.

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